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Bereavement Counselling

Unfortunately, grief is an inevitable, inescapable part of life and we will all lose someone
we love at some point in our life and the loss can often hit us harder than we expect.

Grief is often related to a death, but not always. People can grieve when:

  • losing their health

  • losing a pet

  • moving to a different home/ school

  • experiencing trauma

  • during divorce or change of relationship

  • changing routine

  • even loss of a toy

There are no rules about what is or is not okay to grieve.
Everyone experiences loss in different ways and there is no set time limit to grieving.

It can often seem easier to pretend like you’re fine or isolate yourself, or you might think that by
talking about your loss you will be a burden to others, or be afraid that if you talk about it you’ll never stop crying.


There is no pattern to grief, it can feel all consuming some days and other days you feel ready to face people.

The saying is ‘time heals’, it certainly helps as you adjust to the change loss has brought, but grief is like a flat tyre. Time will not help put air back in the tyre, there needs to be action taken to feel full and function again.

Counselling can provide that platform to help you repair the hole your loved one left.

Although we may feel that we want to hide children from loss, the truth is children can cope with grief.

Age appropriate honesty is always the best policy. It can be hard to know what to say when you have a feeling of sadness or loneliness, but it is OK to say “In this moment, I feel very sad,” or very alone, or whatever you feel


Amazing things happen when you tell the truth: Other people feel safe to open up too, your children get to see a healthy example of walking through grief. You will also feel relief in then honesty you get to express.


I use a grief recovery approach which can support you in what could be the most difficult of times.
It will also give you tools to help conversations with loved ones and children.
It will help you heal, without worrying you’ll forget.

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