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Relationship Therapy

Relationship counselling is an option you can undertake together as a couple, or as an individual. I will provide space where you can talk about your concerns and needs, as well as explore what you want from your relationships.

Many relationships can be improved by counselling, even if there is no clear problem or issue. It is my aim to help you work towards gaining a better understanding of each other's needs while receiving support and guidance that can help enhance and even strengthen your relationship. 

This is an area I have a particular interest in and have attended many courses to ensure I have the most up to date training in this field. There are different forms of counselling including:

The Gottman Method:

This is a method of couples therapy that allows you to state your needs, and it stresses conflict management rather than conflict resolution. You and your partner learn to speak honestly about your aspirations and convictions. Trust and commitment to a lifelong relationship are reinforced.

Narrative Therapy:

Narrative Therapy allows you to explore the past to bring to forefront negativities that otherwise remain hidden. By exploring conceptions and behaviours, you gain insight into facts that have been troubling you and your partner. Thus, you find new ways to deal with your problems, effectively rewriting the narrative of your relationship.

Emotionally Focused Therapy:

This is predominantly short-term approach and has three main goals. It encourages the expansion and reorganization of key emotional responses. It seeks to secure a secure bond between you and your partner. The therapy repositions each partner’s stance during interactions and creates new, beneficial interactions in your partnership. Emotionally focused therapy has been found to move 70 to 75% of relationships from a troubled state to a state of recovery.

I will work with you to individually tailor your therapy to suit your personal requirements.

It doesn’t have to be one method; a mixture can be adapted to suit your need.

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