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Teenage Therapy

Why do teenagers need a counsellor?

Teenagers most commonly seek counselling for difficulty with family relationships, peer pressure, depression, anxiety, and school. Body image and self worth play a big role in determining their confidence and ability to face daily life. I would work with your teenager using an Integrative and Psychotherapeutic  approach to help them understand their emotions and give them strategies to help them mange these in their daily life.

If you are worried about your teenager and need to talk to someone, I am here and can support your teenager with:

• feeling depressed, suicidal or anxious

• bullying, exam stress or family conflict

• self-harm or substance abuse problems

• sexuality or gender identity

• eating disorders and other mental health issues

• domestic violence ,  abuse or childhood trauma

Please get in contact if you feel your teenager would benefit from counselling. There is a discounted rate for counselling students and teenagers.

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