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“My son was able to use the tools he learnt in the session’s and apply them in school. It has been hugely beneficial, and I have seen him grow in confidence”


"My anxiety had begun to affect my daily life, Leanne supported me using both talking and CBT therapy. I cannot recommend her enough, I have control again."


“Going on a shopping trip used to be stressful for my daughter. Using the lift, making decisions and crowds of people worried her. Now she will go independently with her friends to the pictures and other places. Counselling has opened new doors for her.”


"I had a lot of unresolved trauma and I know now how it was affecting my relationships with family and at home. Leanne supported me to work through it and understand why. Things are so much better now."


"I went to Leanne for grief therapy after the death of my Dad. I felt supported, understood and not guilty for wanting to talk about him."


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