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Child Therapy

Using child-friendly therapy techniques including play, art, games activities, talking and listening, I will work with your child to uncover how your child is feeling and help identify the underlying causes and triggers of their problems . Together we will develop strategies to feel better. By learning coping skills and management techniques your child can channel their emotions in more productive ways and become a happier person. I offer a safe, child friendly and confidential environment for them to work through their emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Teenage Therapy

The transition from childhood to adult can be a difficult stage of life. Teenagers go through a range of physical, and hormonal changes that sometimes be disruptive to everyday life. Combine this with external factors such as mental health issues, a dysfunctional family, or issues in school and the problem exacerbates. This is where teenage counselling can play an important role.
Counselling can be helpful for teenagers and their families who have experiences difficult life events or whose symptoms are impacting their everyday lives.

Bereavement Counselling

It can often seem easier to pretend like you’re fine or isolate yourself. You might think that by talking about your loss you will be a burden to others, or be afraid that if you talk about it you’ll never stop crying.

There is no pattern to grief, it can feel all consuming some days and other days you feel ready to face people.

The saying is ‘time heals’, it certainly helps as you adjust to the change loss has brought, but grief is like a flat tyre. Time will not help put air back in the tyre, there needs to be action taken to feel full and function again.

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Adult Therapy

Adult therapy can be helpful for anyone who wants to explore the way they’re thinking or feeling further, as well as for anyone experiencing a problem or issue, they are keen to resolve. My aim is to help you to facilitate change and find an alternative and meaningful alternative to your present way of thinking which is causing you distress or harm.


I am an Integrative Counsellor and Psychotherapist.
This means I can offer you a range of therapies, tailored to suit the issues that are troubling you and work within the boundaries

you feel comfortable with.


Relationship Therapy

Relationship counselling is an option you can undertake together as a couple, or as an individual. I will provide space where you can talk about your concerns and needs, as well as explore what you want from your relationships. Many relationships can be improved by counselling, even if there is no clear problem or issue.
It is my aim to help you work towards gaining a better understanding of each other's needs while receiving support and guidance that can help enhance and even strengthen your relationship.


Please contact me for prices, discounted rates for students & block bookings.

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